Seventh World Urban Forum in Medellín

The 7th UN-HABITAT World Urban Forum will take place April 5-7 2014 in the city of Medellín, Colombia. The main discussion theme of this 7th Forum is ‘Urban Equity in Development - Cities for Life’.

What’s next in Arco Latino...

In the upcoming trimester Arco Latino and its members will participate in three internal events concerning some initiatives of the network’s work commissions. During these meetings the results of the pilot projects carried out within the network territories will be presented and the projects finalized. They will also represent the starting point for future and larger initiatives.

Towards more efficient local governments in Europe

The four provincial councils of Catalonia organized the conference “Towards more efficient local governments in Europe. Visions from Europe”. The aim of the conference was to understand the current reflections and debates in Europe about the status of decentralization and local autonomy, the local responses to the crisis, the funding and the public service provision, amongst others.

Tourism as a key sector for the development and the competitiveness of the Arco Latino territories

The Diputació de Tarragona organized a seminar within the Arco Latino project Governance models for the tourism sector, during which the initiative results and conclusions were presented and discussed. It was stated that the provincial level, as well as the regional level, are the most appropriate levels to favor the participation of both public and private actors in the field of tourist governance.

The EU prioritizes the Mediterranean Corridor

The European Parliament approved the inclusion of the Rail Freight Corridor 6, also known as Mediterranean Corridor, on the list of EU priority projects in the field of transport for the period 2014-2020. Arco Latino congratulates the European Parliament for the aforementioned decision, which will have a great impact, both economic and social, upon the network territories.

Arco Latino: The future valorization of our heritage

The province of Viterbo hosted the final seminar of the project The future of the past: the provincial model for the preservation of cultural goods in the third millennium. The aim of this project is to understand the cultural heritage as a common value, an identity and an element for tourist attraction in all Arco Latino territories.

ARLEM meets the territorial associations from the Mediterranean

Arco Latino attended the meeting organized by the ARLEM Secretariat that brought together the Assembly and the territorial associations from the Mediterranean in Brussels.

Arco Latino contributes to the future design of the MED Programme

Arco Latino demands that the new MED Programme focus on the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energies, smart cities, the prevention and fight against natural catastrophes (fires in particular), a high-quality sustainable tourism, and the natural and cultural heritage.

Arco Latino discusses its future strategy in Viterbo

The Arco Latino Executive Board met in the Italian city of Viterbo to debate the network’s future strategy. During the meeting a new strategic position regarding the future design of the 2014-2020 MED Programme was approved.

Hérault and Medenine cooperate in the field of waste management

The General Council of Hérault received a delegation of Tunisia in the context of the project Technical assistance for the implementation of integrated waste management public policies, in which Arco Latino and the province of Turin take part. The Tunisian delegation was composed of Medenine, Ben Gardane and Zarzis employees in charge of the cities waste management.

First exchange of good practices between the Arco Latino Supporting Structures of the Covenant of Mayors

The main purpose of the conference was to promote the exchange of good practices between local authorities and other relevant actors to enhance the impact of the Covenant of Mayors against climate change in Europe and especially in the territory of the Arco Latino, paying particular attention to its possible extension to the whole Mediterranean Area

Two Presidencies of Arco Latino join the Covenant of Mayors

The Insular Council of Majorca, Presidency of Arco Latino, and the Aude General Council, Presidency of the Territorial Cohesion Commission, joined as Supporting Structures the European initiative of the Covenant of Mayors and the “Palmaria Declaration”.

Festival della Cooperazione Decentrata e della Pace

La Provincia di Massa-Carrara in collaborazione con le associazioni del Forum della cooperazione, pace e solidarietà, organizza nei giorni 22-23-24

The Lisbon and Gothenburg Strategy at local level and the new territorial cooperation objective

Arco Latino, within the framework of the ALSO project (Achieving Lisbon and Gothenburg Strategy Objectives by Interreg) lead by Marche Region, organizes the seminar “The Lisbon and Gothenburg Strategy at local level and the new territorial cooperation objective”.

The Arco Latino partners' search engine for European projects and twinnings is already on-line

This virtual area aims at promoting new partnerships in the development of European projects and is a valid and effective instrument in seeking out new partners.

It is a valid instrument in that anyone who is interested can enter their own data, draw up a profile of their organisation and community and state their needs and any preferences for the partner with whom they would like to work on a European project, or set up a twin relationship.

European Parliament endorses the Musotto Report on Islands

During its plenary session on Thursday 15th March, the European Parliament endorsed the Musotto Report on the problems of the islands within the framework of the regional policy , and the proposals to support their economic and social development.

Arco Latino joints the European Year of Equal Opportunities

The new Arco Latino board met at the headquarters of the Torino Province (Italy).

During the meeting, the Board members decided to give support to the "European Year of Equal Opportunities for all - towards a just society" .

European Forum on Periurban Spaces and the Agriculture

On Friday 23rd February, the "European Forum on Periurban Spaces and their Agriculture" will take place in Lyon.

Periurban spaces have become areas which present vital economic, social and environmental challenges. They now play a major role in the city dweller’s living environment.

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