Latin Arc – a space for technical and political cooperation

The Latin Arc network is the result of territorial cooperation experiences carried out during the nineties, which led to its official foundation as an association in 2002.

Located in the North-Western Mediterranean, Latin Arc is a macro-region that is characterized by a series of common cultural, historical, socio-economic, geographic, climatic and environmental features that make up its identity in the European context.

Latin Arc, a platform for technical and political cooperation, is comprised of local and intermediate governments from the Mediterranean region. Currently, its members are Spanish Provincial and Island Councils, French Departmental Councils and Italian Provinces and Metropolises, which account for 10% of the overall EU population and territory.

The association provides a space where local governments can devise integrated actions in different strategic domains with the goal of enhancing economic and social cohesion in their territories.

Why do we cooperate?

In this framework, the Latin Arc network can be defined as a space for cooperation where members can jointly address local needs, which are often little known and scarcely acknowledged at a European, national and regional level

The association seeks to create a space for political cooperation among second level administrations articulating a common and coherent discourse in the Mediterranean so that the European Union takes into account Mediterranean local perspectives in the formulation of its policies.

In joining the network, local administrations become partners in a platform that enables them to enhance their capacities and internationalise their actions and strategies in favour of common objectives.  

The network enables members to define joint communication and political initiatives and pilot actions that are necessary for the territorial development of the Latin Arc space. These initiatives also increase the impact of our association.

Our main objectives:

Latin Arc’s main objectives are:

  1. To define an integrated development and spatial planning strategy, incorporating and mobilising socio-economic actors, with a bottom-up approach.
  2. To establish a periodic, dynamic and flexible consultation focusing on the most relevant fields for territorial development.
  3. To work in partnership on joint initiatives and projects.
  4. To defend the interests and needs of the Latin Arc territories at a European and national level.
  5. To create a space for cooperation with South Mediterranean countries.


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