Latin Arc: Policy Actions

Latin Arc is a privileged interlocutor for EU institutions as it strives to make the Mediterranean perspective count in the preparation of policies. While it defends the interests and needs of its territory and citizens at European scale, the association also works on the most relevant policies for the Mediterranean region alongside all the other Euro-Mediterranean networks.

Latin Arc establishes institutional relations and public decentralised cooperation actions between its members and local entities from other Mediterranean countries with the main goal of fostering capacity-building within their competences. Besides this, Latin Arc participates in forums and maintains a close cooperation with several Euro-Mediterranean local entities and networks as well as European institutions.

The network valorises and reinforces its members’ capacities by helping them internationalise their actions and strategies in the pursuit of common objectives. One of the priorities of the network, which is based on inclusion, mobilization of socio-economic actors and subsidiarity, is the drafting of a common integrated strategy for development and spatial planning in the Latin Arc space. The network and its members are well aware of their strategic position in the Mediterranean and that is why they have created a space of European and decentralised cooperation alongside other Mediterranean countries.

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