“Towards Policy Recommendations on Sustainable Tourism: Shaping the Results of the MED Community”

The MED Sustainable Tourism Community’s projects gathered in Split last March 27-28, 2019 to work together towards the drafting of the policy recommendations and continuing the work started in Marseille, last November 20-21, 2018.

The session has been opened by Mr. Luka Brčić, Vice President of Split and Dalmatia County, who welcomed the audience and stressed the importance of tourism in Croatia and in the Mediterranean region and strongly encouraged the actions implemented by the MED Sustainable Tourism Community. Then Mr. Francesco Cocco, Secretary General of Adriatic Ionian Region, took the floor to thank the community of projects for their participation and important contribution.

After the opening session, three projects which joined the community on February 2018 took the floor to introduce their main activities. Mrs. Konstantina Spyropoulou introduced the project INHERIT followed by Mr. Ernesto Lopez who presented the activities and the objectives of the project HERIT-DATA. The session was closed by Mrs. Antonija Odak who presented synergies and objectives of the COASTING, a capitalisation project based on the ICZM - Integrated Coastal and Maritime Management principles, aiming at enhancing the effectiveness of a multi-level governance tool.

Mrs. Lydwine La Fontaine, Project Officer Governance and Strategies of the Interreg MED Programme Joint Secretariat, presented the overall strategy of the Programme for the years to come and congratulated the members of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community for the results achieved and the synergies developed within the Community and amongst the different MED thematic communities in the last two years.

The proceedings continued with the “Worskshop #1: Shaping the Results of the Community”, facilitated by the Community Building team of the BleuTourMed project. The 17 territorial cooperation projects of the Community worked together on how to present their actions that  took place at Mediterranean level to the Community’s final conference in Barcelona. They also presented established synergies and the follow-up activities of their projects towards the end of the testing period and the beginning of the capitalization and transferring period.

The “Workshop #2: Finalising the Policy Factsheets”, facilitated by the Capitalisation team with the support of four external experts, has been oriented towards the finalisation of the “policy factsheets” of the four Working Groups focusing on the following identified sub-themes of the tourism complex matter:

#1 Monitoring Tourism Sustainability,

#2 Tourism Multiple impacts: How to reduce the environmental-cultural- social impacts of tourism in the Mediterranean region?,

#3 Tourism for sustainable and responsible growth: How can the tourism sector ensure a sustainable and responsible economic growth and prosperity in the Mediterranean region?,

#4 Inclusive governance mechanism: How to address the complexity of the tourism sector, including local actors, decision-makers and consumers?

The presentations of the workshop conclusions are available here

The next encounter of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community Mediterranean Sustainable Tourism Convention will be held on 2019, 5-7 June in Barcelona.

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