To be 20 years old in the Euromediterranean region

The First Forum of Young people of Arco Latino took place from the 1st to the 3rd of September in Toulon. More than 150 young people coming from the territories of Arco Latino as well as of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria have gathered to debate on the subject ‘What does the European citizenship mean to a 20 years old from the Mediterranean Arc?’. The Forum, organized by the C.G. du Var within the framework of the Arco Latino Thematic Group Citizenship, was inaugurated by Mr. André Vezinhet, President of Arco Latino, Mr. Horace Lafranchi President of the Conseil Géneral du Var, and Mr. Jean Bombin Conseiller du C.G. du Var and president of the ’Commission départamentale Europe’. Participants, between 18 and 25 years old, discussed about issues related to the exercise of an effective and realistic European citizenship. All of them agreed that one of the most characteristic aspects of the European citizenship is mobility, specially related to education, work or leisure. In addition, they stated the gap between European citizens, and specially the young ones, and the European Union. They highlighted the urgent necessity to approach Europe, to weave bows between citizens of different states, to increase consultation mechanisms and to develop a European conscience. Arco Latino will submit the conclusions of this forum, as well as 68 recommendations, to the European Commission, as well as to the European Parliament.
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