“Innovation in rural areas”, “Circular Economy” and “Energy Poverty” – main themes of the 2016 Latin Arc call for projects

“Innovation and Industrial Competitiveness in Rural Areas”, “Waste Management and Circular Economy”, “Energy Poverty and Energy Efficiency”, “Biodiversity” and “Youth Entrepreneurship” are the main themes of the 2016 Latin Arc call for projects. 6 projects were approved in this year’s call.

The 2016 Latin Arc projects will lead to the creation of transnational partnerships for the submission of project proposals to EU funding calls. These projects tackle the most pressing issues in the Mediterranean region with the aim of defining a strategy of integrated development in rural areas and small cities. To this end, local and intermediate governments and socio-economic actors will work closely on the basis of a transnational and multilevel perspective.

This year’s call follows the steps of the BIOMadapt, YoungEmployMed, ESS and LOCAL-EEI projects which were approved in the 2014 and set the basis for the current work dynamic. As of now, partners are capitalizing the exchange of good practices through territorial cooperation proposals.

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