Forest fire protection in Rural Areas

Leader: Pyrénées-Orientales Departmental Council

Partners: Gard Departmental Council, Tarragona Provincial Council, Barcelona Provincial Council, Haute Corse Departmental Council, Seville Provincial Council, Seville Provincial Council, Girona Provincial Council. 

Associated partners: Nuoro Province

Period: 2014-2015

Total budget: 61.000€

Co-funding (Latin Arc): 14.000 euros  

Contact: Barbara Cugusi /



Dinamisation and protection of Mediterranean rural areas from forest fires 


Project Description

The Latin Arc region is experiencing profound transformations (such as climate change) that are evolving rapidly. These exert a great deal of pressure on forests and woods, which are rendered more vulnerable. Mayors in small rural municipalities – which often lack the proper economic resources – are confronted with the risks derived from forest fires.

Despite the fact that regulatory measures on spatial planning do take into account the specific features of our territories, they only provide partial solutions. Hence, this project has been devised to better identify this specific feature and to address the urgency of this situation.


The project seeks to contribute to a sustainable and balanced development of the Mediterranean region with a special focus on rural municipalities that are under threat of forest fires.


1) The elaboration of a study including the following aspects:

- The existing fire prevention and protection tools and resources at local scale across the Latin Arc such as the available technical and economic resources, governance, risk-rating systems and dinamisation and coordination strategies.

-  To identify and analyse areas under threat of forest fire.

- To inform, draw up recommendations and mobilise European stances with the goal of improving the situation of these territories in forest fire prevention.

2) Common technical and strategic recommendations among partners (monitoring tools and lobbying actions).



We urgently need a joint action of policy makers, private sectors, universities and civil society because the future of tourism must be sustainable

Latin Arc has participated in the European Tourism Day 2017

Latin Arc has participated, as leader of the project INTERREG Bleutourmed_C3, to the event organized by the European Commission "European Tourism Day 2017", that was held in Bruxelles last November 28th

Experiences, challenges and opportunities of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in the Mediterranean: Final Seminar of the SSE project

The conference entitled “Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE): Innovative Solutions to Development Problems in Mediterranean countries?” was held in Toulouges (France) on December 13. This event was the final seminar of the “Study on Social and Solidarity Economy in the Latin Arc”. Led by the Pyrénées-Orientales Department, the SSE project partnership is comprised of members from all three Latin Arc states – such as France’s CRESS Corsica, Haute Corse and Hérault Departments, Spain’s Tarragona, Granada and Lleida Provincial Councils as well as Italy’s Mantova and Viterbo Provinces. The partnership has been working on the project for two years.


Arco Latino at the General Assembly of UNIMED

Arco Latino will participate in the General Assembly of UNIMED in Paris the 30 and 31 of October 2017.

Making tourism more sustainable! Sharing methodologies for a joint action

In the framework of the activities of the BleuTourMed_C3 the Interreg Med Horizontal Project of the Community on Sustainable Tourism, "Making tourism more sustainable! Sharing methodologies for a joint action” will take place in Athens the 4 and 5 of October 2017.

Arco Latino at the The UfM Regional Stakeholder Conference on Blue Economy

In the framework of the UfM Regional Stakeholder Conference on Blue Economy - Naples (Italy) on 29-30 November 2017, Arco Latino together with the Chamber of Achaia, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, and ICOMOS will organise the Workshop on Sustainable Tourism.