ENI-CBC-MED Entrepreneurship NETWORK:  Entrepreneurship Academy

Project description:

The aim of the project is to create a network to support youth entrepreneurship initiatives through the so-called “Youth Entrepreneurship Academies from the Mediterranean”. This network shall work as a business accelerator for start-ups in the Mediterranean as well as a business meeting point for capacity-building and skills development of technicians who belong to the project’s different Entrepreneurship Advisory Boards.


  • Drafting of a project proposal to be submitted to an EU funding call (ENI-CBC-MED, MED)

  • To provide specific training to young entrepreneurs

  • To provide technical assistance to the Network so that it works as a business accelerator.

  • To promote open dialogue on specific issues related to business organisation.

  • To help SMEs build their internationalization strategies.


  • Creation of a NETWORK: the “Mediterranean Entrepreneurship Academy” with the aim of providing counselling, training and mentoring to young entrepreneurs. 

  • Design and implementation of a business accelerator and incubator programme for start-ups in the Mediterranean.

  • International fairs for entrepreneurs (to include seminars, practical workshops, counseling and networking).

  • Entrepreneurship support tools. 


Expected results:

  • Strengthening and development of SMEs

  • Promotion of open dialogue on entrepreneurial issues

  • Skills development of technicians in the Entrepreneurship Advisory Boards.

  • Internationalization  of SMEs




Leader: Lleida Provincial Council

Partners: Seville Provincial Council, Tarragona Provincial Council

External partners: Nuoro Chamber of Commerce, ASPAL (Sardegna Agency for Active Labour Policies), Jaén Young Entrepreneurs Association, Plein Sud Entreprises, Metropolitan City of Torino

Cooperation partners: Jaén Provincial Council 

Contact: Alex Domínguez Vilches -

Period: Ongoing 

Budget: 16.000 euros

Co-funded by the Latin Arc