NETWORK for Entrepreneurship and Skills Development for the Green Economy in rural areas in the Mediterranean Bassin.

Project description and goals

Throughout the Mediterranean, youth are confronted with common problems such as increasing unemployment rates, general frustration and spreading impoverishment - which leave them hopeless in the search for jobs. These shared problems should be addressed through regional cooperation since their talent, employability and entrepreneurial spirit are key factors for employment strategies in the Mediterranean region. This is coupled with the great – yet poorly exploited – potential of Mediterranean natural sites and rural areas.

Drawing on the YOUNG EMPLOYMED, EGREJOB and MED-MOBIL projects, EMPL-ECO-MED shall provide youth and women with the necessary tools and opportunities to launch new initiatives improve their employability and skills and thus generate new business opportunities in the Green Economy sector.
It is among our objectives to submit a project proposal to an EU funding call (ENI-CBC-MED, MED).
  • The creation of an online learning platform. This platform shall include best practices, procedures and the necessary know-how for the creation of enterprises in the Green Economy sector (sustainable tourism, agro-energetic crops, mobility, ICTs).
  • Training, counseling and provision of necessary tools for entrepreneurs and the unemployed.
  • Business forums on the opportunities for business in the Green Economy sector.
  • International mobility programme initiatives for youth and women.





Leader: Jaén Provincial Council

Soci: Tarragona Provincial Council, PRODETUR, ASPAL

Contact: Antonio Luis Castillo Palomino (acastillo@dipujaen.es) 

Period: Ongoing

Funding: 15.500 euros

Co-funded by the Latin Arc