Arco Latino meets the European Commissioner for Regional Policy (Brussels, 10th May)

Mr Vezinhet, President of Arco Latino, was joined by Celestino Corbacho (President of Diputació de Barcelona and Vice-president of Arco Latino), Antonio Saitta (President of Provincia di Torino and President of the Arco Latino Working Group for Equal Opportunities) and Jean Bombin (Councillor of Conseil Général du Var and Vice-president of Arco Latino). The meeting was focused on Arco Latino’s importance as a Euro-territory in southern Europe, its added value, as well as its Strategy Plan “Arco Latino: a sustainable Mediterranean territory towards 2010???. Furthermore, the Arco Latino representatives presented the association’s priority areas of action, its future projects and relationship with the eastern and southern Mediterranean shores. Arco Latino has expressed its concerns about the future priorities of Regional Policy within an enlarged European Unions; and asked Mrs Hübner that the Commission may assure that the member states include the local authorities into programming, management and evaluation of Structural Funds. The Commissioner Hübner has received very positively Arco Latino’s proposal to set up a forum, which allows the different already existing Euro-territories to express their voice and which integrates territorial authorities. The proposal includes the creation of a new space for discussing topics of common interest, involving the different territorial players; the cooperation with the European Commission (particularly with DG Regio) in the evaluation and design of new policies and initiatives; the exchange of experiences, good practices and know-how; as well as the development of joint projects between these euro-territories or its members.
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