Arco Latino at the The UfM Regional Stakeholder Conference on Blue Economy

In the framework of the UfM Regional Stakeholder Conference on Blue Economy, Arco Latino together with the Chamber of Achaia, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, and ICOMOS(Intenrational Council of Monuments and Sites) will organise the Workshop on Sustainable Tourism. 

Following the UfM Ministerial Declaration on Blue Economy, the UfM Forum on Blue Economy was established as a “…framework of dialogue on sustainable blue economy" to ensure appropriate governance structures. The UfM Regional Stakeholder Conference on Blue Economy which will take place in Naples (Italy) on 29-30 November 2017, is part of the UfM Forum on Blue Economy.

The 4 institution together have worked together in order to organise the workshop on Sustainable Tourism of the Conference. The main aim of the workshop is to contribute to the discussion on sustainable tourism in the framework of the regional dialogue on blue economy through the presentation of different project experiences and its main outputs strengthening cooperation mechanisms and capitalise on existing best practices and tools.

The workshop will approach Sustainable Tourism in the Euro-Mediterranean region focusing mainly on 3 key issues such as: 1) the conservation of natural and cultural heritage through a better and diversified tourism offer 2) the control of environmental pressures generated by tourism activity through the control of tourism carrying capacity  3) Planning and management tools and practices on tourism activity in order to fill the gap of integrated planning and management actions towards sustainability which has often acted as a barrier for exploiting tourism opportunities in the Mediterranean with a sustainable approach.

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