Antonio Saitta, Torino’s Provincial Council President, new President of Arco Latino

The General Assembly of Arco Latino, celebrated in Nuoro (Sardinia) on the 22nd and 23rd of January, elected Antonio Saitta, Torino’s Provincial Council President, as the new president of Arco Latino. Antoinio Saitta is taking over from André Vezinhet, President of the Conseil Général de l’Hérault. The Arco Latino Board and the presidencies of the six Thematic Groups have been renewed too. The new Arco Latino Board will be composed by the CG de l’Hérault, the CG du Var, the CG d’Haute-Corse, the Provincial Council of Barcelona, the Provincial Council of Zaragoza, the Provincial Council of Sevilla, the Province of Torino, the Province of Nuoro, the Province of Arezzo and the Province of Caserta. The presidencies of Arco Latino thematic groups stand as follows: Citizenship presided by the Province of Mantova, Territory and Sustainable Development by the Province of Viterbo, Economy and Innovation by the Provincial Council of Lleida, Southern Shore by the Provincial Council of Cadiz, Culture by CG des Pyrénnées Orientales and Equality of Chances by the CG du Gard. In addition, the Province of Napoli will lead the new Eastern Shore group that has been created. The General Assembly has also approved the accession of five new provincies. The new members are the Provincial Council of Valencia and the Italian provinces of Siracusa, Potenza, Medio Campodiano and Cuneo Eventually, the General Assembly has approved a political statement about four priority issues: islands, Europe’s future, migratory flows and energy. Arco Latino requests the EU to take into account the Mediterranean insular territories when designing and implementing cohesion programmes. Concerning Europe’s future, Arco Latino considers that the revision or drafting process of a new treaty establishing a European constitution should include all the points related to local autonomy that were contained in the document signed by the chiefs of the state and government. Thirdly, Arco Latino requests Member States once more to incorporate territorial collectivities when developing the new Framework Programme of solidarity and management of migratory flows for the period 2007-2013. Finally, Arco Latino emphasizes the importance of creating a common energy space where territorial collectivities can actively be involved in the management and use of the energy resources.
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